Circle of Hands
Dr. Morrison's Patients Speak Out! Valerie J Morrison, DC, CCSP

* Dear Dr. Morrison
Thanks for getting me back in shape for this ski trip. Your "healing hands" did the trick. When I injured myself I thought this trip was out, but here I am skiing up a storm.
Carol L.

* Dr. Morrison,
Thank you for your consistently amazing treatment. You go way beyond the average chiropractic treatment.
Between the ultrasound, the massage, and the electrical muscle stimulation, my muscles relax enouigh to really let your adjustments work. I feel human again. You are truly a healer.
With my gratitude Lisa G.

* I saw Dr. Morrison for pain in the shoulder and back, and after several treatments I was feeling better again, and have now been pain free for the longest time in recent memory. I'm actually pitching for batting practice, sleeping well, and working wth absolutely no pain.
Larry M.

* Dr. Morrison,
Thank you for caring about your patients and all of the wonderful and very helpful information regarding health advances etc. You are one in a million as doctors go.
Lawanda B.

* Dear Dr. Morrison,
I am so pleased to have finally found a Chiropractor who is incredibly competent and caring. You have a unique combination of talent, expertise, knowledge, and understanding that one treatment plan does not suit all. Our individual physiology is as unique as our fingerprints, and response to treatment is complex and varying.

I have had experiences in the past, where my back or neck has "gone out" and been in excruciating pain. I tried to get in for an appt. with a chiropractor, only to be told she/he "was out of the office, could not work me in", or was "on vacation" and did not provide/make any referral to another Dr. to cover. My positive experience with you has really made a difference. You have always worked me in for an appt. and been very accomodating. This attitude has left me with the impression that patient care and healing come first. This is very important to me. As a former athelete, I am very in tune with my body - most atheletes are. For optimum performance, you learn what foods, supplements, training, and timing of all that - works or does not work. Dr's who don't understand this "think you are just picky" or worse "a complainer." I also appreciate a "complete treatment" approach as opposed to an "adjustment only" - then you're out the door. My entire body thanks you for all your help, and your sensitivity to what works or doesn't work. My bank account appreciates your willingness to bill my insurance and be flexible.
Sincerely, Connie A.

* Dr. Morrison has helped me manage chronic back and neck pain without the use of pain medication or muscle relaxers. I have suffered with various kinds of on-going back pain for the past 15 years (since high school). I know that I am a "difficult case" because of my history. The treatments from Dr. Morrison have provided me a great deal of relief from back and neck pain. Previously I have had a lot of physical therapy and drugs to combat these problems. With the treatments from Dr. Morrison, I have had as much success in controlling back and neck pain as I was able to achieve previously with both physical therapy and drugs.

Previously I would need physical therapy 3 times a week if my back was acting up and now I am able to go a week or more between chiropractic treatments for similar episodes. In addition, she is excellent at treating the whole patient and has referred me to a physician who is currently treating me for asthma and sinus problems. This has been very helpful to my overall health. She takes time with patients and is interested in helping people.
Galen N.

* With less than a week to go before a three day golf tournament my back went "out" on me. I had been doing a little more lifting than usual and was paying the price. I went to see Dr. Morrison once a month as part of a regular back care program. This was not a regularly scheduled appointment so Dr. Morrison asked me what was going on. I explained about the lifting and that I had an important golf tournament coming up. She gave me a treatment that included ultrasound, massage, electrical muscle stimulation, and an adjustment. To help relax me during golf she recommended I take some relaxing herbs.
As you might have guessed, not only did I play golf with a minimum of pain, I won the tournament. My ego won't let me give her all the credit but I know I could not have done it without Dr. Morrison's help.
Dan C.

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