Circle of Hands


  • Top 10 Exercise Mistakes - Watch out for these common fitness mistakes
  • Who Should Stretch? - Everyone!
  • 12 more good reasons to exercise - Another CSPI goodie.
  • Helpful Hints for a Painful Back
  • NSAIDs:   Friend or Foe? - Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  • Chocolate and Calcium- Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?
  • Bone Health- It's Not Just About Calcium
  • WATER -The Elixer of Life - 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated
  • Liquid Candy - How Soft Drinks are Harming Americans Health
  • Diet ADHD, and Behavior - A Quarter Century Review (Acrobat 318K)
  • Kids at Risk: The Price of Inactivity
    WORK and RSI
  • NIOSH Study on VDT rest breaks and reducing RSI health risks.

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